Quarterly Digest for Q1 2021 is out !

Our new digest is out ! In this document, we provide a thorough review of all the patents related to the topic of aircraft cybersecurity. Did you know that there are approximately 180 patents on this topic and that 60% of them were issued in the last 2 years ? This certainly show a growing interest or a growing concern regarding potential cyberattack onboard an aircraft.

The scope covered by these patents is very broad and covers a wide set of topics. Look at the mindmap below to get a better idea.

In this digest, as usual, the list of noticeable facts, in particular cyberattacks, on aerospace stakeholders for Q1 2021.

Here is the agenda for the digest:

I.Patents on aircraft cybersecurity

  • Embedded cybersecurity timeline
  • Introduction on aircraft cybersecurity patents
  • Flashcard on Boeing’s patent
  • Aircraft cybersecurity patents per company
  • Aircraft cybersecurity patents per year
  • Mindmap of key patented topics
  • Key patented topics

II.Threat Intelligence

  • Noticeable facts of Q1 2021 (1/3)
  • Noticeable facts of Q1 2021 (2/3)
  • Noticeable facts of Q1 2021 (3/3)

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