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CyberInflight member of Space-ISAC

Since April 2021, Cyberinflight is a proud member of the Space ISAC community. The Space ISAC is a unique security information source for the public and private space sector. CyberInflight will support Space ISAC in its mission to provide comprehensive analysis and resources to the space community to help supporting response, mitigation and resilience initiatives.


What they say about CyberInflight

CyberInflight’s report helped us validate our hypotheses of the market and supported our strategic decision making. We found CyberInflight’s aviation background valuable, which is clearly imprinted in the in-depth insights shared via its report.


What they say about CyberInflight

In the frame of the well-recognized AerospaceMBA program delivered by TBS since 1999, CyberInflight shared its deep knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity related to the Aeronautics, Aviation and Space sectors. Beyond the technological acumen, what has been valued and much appreciated by the participants is the ability to step back and provide a big & detailed picture of the surrounding stakes in both management and strategy. A real pleasure to get these professional insights!” 

Toulouse Business School


Sensibilisation à la cybersécurité

LDNR est un organisme de formation spécialisé dans la conception et la réalisation de formations dans les différents domaines du numérique. CyberInflight participe à la sensibilisation de nos étudiants à la cybersécurité