CyberInflight aux Assises du NewSpace 2024, Paris

Notre CEO, Florent RIZZO, a eu la chance d’assister à l’évènement : Les Assises du NewSpace – Saison 3

Cet évènement regroupant les acteurs du New Space français a en effet pris place au CNIT Forest à Paris La Défense ce mardi 25 et mercredi 26 juin 2024

Florent a pu assister à de nombreuses conférences allant des sujets de l’innovation spatiale à son développement européen, en passant par son économie et son financement, à travers l’intervention de nombreux professionnels du milieu

Un remerciement spécial à Connect by CNES, pour avoir organisé la soirée des Ambassadeurs du spatial 

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The team is growing!

We’re thrilled to welcome Jedidia Ramboatiana, our new intern, in our CyberInflight’s team this week  

She will be supporting us with our market intelligence studies for the next three months. Jedidia is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Market Intelligence at the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises Poitiers.

Welcome aboard, Jedidia!

Notre CEO dans le magazine SPACE International et La Tribune

Au cœur d’une actualité dense, notre CEO Florent RIZZO s’est fait interviewer à deux reprises ces dernières semaines.

SPACE International l’a interrogé au sujet de son expérience sur les ISACs (Information Sharing and Analysis Center), et notamment sur leur origine et leurs enjeux.

Florine Galéron l’a également approché au sujet de l’évolution des cybermenaces spatiales. Vous pourrez trouver l’article sur le site de La Tribune

CyberInflight was at CYSAT 2024, Paris

The 4th edition of CYSAT, the largest European space cybersecurity event, was held on April 24-25, 2024. CyberInflight was an active participant in this annual event.

We were so thrilled to see you all there, to discuss space cybersecurity with you.

All the sessions and panels were so inspiring and enlightening

We now must process all this valuable information to ensure that the space sector remains safe and resilient.  Together, we must continue building toward a safer space industry

Thank you CYSAT for giving us the opportunity to attend. We hope to see you next year!

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CyberInflight is proud to be a founding member of the EU Space ISAC

CyberInflight is thankful to the new EU Space Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC), and along with the other founding members. CyberInflight aims to keep raising awareness in the space cybersecurity field and enhancing the resilience of the European space systems and services.

The EU Space ISAC is a network of EU companies from the space sector who are willing to develop their expertise to better prevent, tackle and mitigate security-related challenges, including cybersecurity. The initiative was specifically designed to promote collaboration, raise awareness, share information and best practices among members to strengthen their resilience and protection against security threats.

The EU Space ISAC held its inaugural Board Meeting on 24 April 2024. Co-chaired by the European Commission and EUSPA, the EU Space ISAC Board consists of 12 founding members representing both large industrial groups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Our intern Valentine Crepineau just came back from the ESA Academy Cybersecurity training course

ESA Academy has selected 30 highly motivated Bachelor and Master students to attend the Cybersecurity Training Course 2024.

In this training session, students will explore an introductory course that delves into cybersecurity threats and risks, specifically tailored to the space sector.
This will be followed by an immersion in security engineering for space systems that prioritizes cyber protection alongside operational risk management for cybersecurity.
Students will acquire hands-on experience in securing space communication systems and develop an understanding of overall cybersecurity monitoring and mitigation against threats.

Valentine learnt so many things, and had to elaborate, with her team, a fictional navigation constellation mission orbiting around planet Mars.

They ended up having the Jury’s congratulations.

Overall, students acquired hands-on experience in securing space communication systems.

A big thank you to the ESA Academy for receiving Valentine!

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CyberInflight was at Space Symposium 2024, Colorado

The 39th edition of Space Symposium, the biggest aerospace symposium in America, took place on April 8-11, 2024.

CyberInflight presented the « Space & Cyber session” at the CNES booth during this symposium. Florent RIZZO provided insights into the cyberspace ecocystem and its main trends based on CyberInflight research.

We want to thank Julien Airaud and the CNES team for giving us this opportunity and mobilizing all of their efforts to make this possible!

Thank you all to the ones who came to listen and discuss with us, this was such a good experience.

CyberInflight was present at Space ISAC in Colorado Springs on 8th April

Florent RIZZO and Matthias POPOFF were proud to present at the Members Only session a Review of global and Russian space cybersecurity ecosystems!

Over the past 2 years, the cyberspace ecosystem has undergone a profound transformation. The evolution of the threat landscape is prompting space stakeholders to structure themselves from organizational, technical, and regulatory perspectives.

This presentation aimed to provide an overview of the cyberspace ecosystem based on CyberInflight research.

Since the late 2010s, Russia’s cyberspace security ecosystem has been experiencing a new dynamic, accelerated by the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The aim here was to show how its evolution differs from Western ecosystems. The characteristics of this ecosystem have been presented, and its strengths and weaknesses have been determined and explained due to the post-February 2022 context.

Thank you to the people who joined, and don’t forget to stay tuned for the next event!

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