Quarterly Digest for Q1 2021 is out !

Our new digest is out ! In this document, we provide a thorough review of all the patents related to the topic of aircraft cybersecurity. Did you know that there are approximately 180 patents on this topic and that 60% of them were issued in the last 2 years ? This certainly show a growing interest or a growing concern regarding potential cyberattack onboard an aircraft.

The scope covered by these patents is very broad and covers a wide set of topics. Look at the mindmap below to get a better idea.

In this digest, as usual, the list of noticeable facts, in particular cyberattacks, on aerospace stakeholders for Q1 2021.

Here is the agenda for the digest:

I.Patents on aircraft cybersecurity

  • Embedded cybersecurity timeline
  • Introduction on aircraft cybersecurity patents
  • Flashcard on Boeing’s patent
  • Aircraft cybersecurity patents per company
  • Aircraft cybersecurity patents per year
  • Mindmap of key patented topics
  • Key patented topics

II.Threat Intelligence

  • Noticeable facts of Q1 2021 (1/3)
  • Noticeable facts of Q1 2021 (2/3)
  • Noticeable facts of Q1 2021 (3/3)

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Presentation at ICAO’s AIDC meeting

On March 10, 2021, CyberInflight was honored to present some of its research work to one of the ICAO instance dedicated to the implementation of the AIDC protocol (Air Traffic Services Inter-Facility Data Communication).

This day of presentations and webinars was organized by ICAO’s NACC regional office (North American and Central America) to facilitate the deployment of the AIDC protocol among the various member states.

The AIDC protocol is a data link application that provides the capability to exchange data between air traffic service units during the notification, coordination and transfer of aircraft between flight information regions.

CyberInflight brought a general market approach to the implementation of this protocol which has been initially specified in 1999 and which implementation requires important coordination and bespoke adaptation in the various member states.

Thanks ICAO for your confidence and a special thanks to Avila Mayda for making this possible !

Presentation available in the download section