Quarterly Digest for Q2 is out !

Here is a snapshot of CyberInflight’s Quarterly Digest. For this edition, we have set the focus on the topic of Dark Web. Find out how it works, what type of information can be found, and how it could impact the aerospace community.

You will also learn about the recent ransomware attack on an aerospace engineering group, how cyber attackers are impersonating major aerospace companies to spread malware, recent attacks targeting air transportation in the Middle-East, the data breach of a US airport, another case of supply chain attack and much more.

Table of Content.

I. Dark Web: Facts and Myths

  • Introduction
  • A dive in the Dark Web
  • Its users
  • Its usage
  • Recent soar of blogs leaking corporate data
  • Operating mode of ransomware groups
  • Examples of ransomware groups communications
  • Aerospace related information on the Dark Web

II. Threat Intelligence

  • Noticeable facts for Q2 2020 (1/2)
  • Noticeable facts for Q2 2020 (2/2)

III. Food for thoughts:

  • Creation of a Principal-Agent problem