Q1 Quarterly Digest is out

CyberInflight releases its quarterly digest for Q1 2020 on Aerospace Cybersecurity. Readers of the market intelligence report will shortly receive a link by email to access this document.

For this first edition, a focus on cybersecurity insurance based on discussions and interviews with stakeholders. Readers will learn about the evolution of cyber-insurance, how do insurers evaluate the cyber-risk, the role of the regulator, the link between the turnover of a company and its exposure to cyber-risk, the link between the turnover and the motive of hackers, trends in the cyber-insurance, the concept of exclusion etc. A list of must-reads on this topic has also been selected.

Ultimately, the digest identifies noticeable cybersecurity facts impacting the aerospace industry and gathers the last cyber-attacks on airlines and airports (for this first quarter at least 2 airlines and 1 airport).

Remember that you can suggest your topic for the next edition of the digest by writing at digest@cyberinflight.com.