Quarterly Digest for Q3 is out !

Here is a snapshot of CyberInflight’s Quarterly Digest. For this edition, we have set the focus on the topic of aerospace cybersecurity regulations. Some significant steps, from IATA in particular, have been taken lately which are worth digging into.

This digest aims to help you get a broader and updated vision of the current regulatory landscape and extract the core information from this vast topic, through the use of mind-maps in particular.

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Table of Content:

I. Regulatory framework

  • ICAO’s Cybersecurity Strategy
  • ICAO’s Assembly Resolution A40-10
  • IATA’s Aviation Cyber Security Position Paper
  • IATA’s Compilation of Cyber Security Regulations, Standards, and Guidance -Takeaways on the current regulatory framework
  • Takeaways on the current regulatory framework

II. Threat Intelligence

  • Noticeable facts for Q3 2020 (1/3)(2/3))(3/3)

III. Food for thoughts

  • On the importance of quality information sharing

Cyber-regulatory landscape

Understanding the current cybersecurity regulatory landscape is difficult, isn’t it? 😣 In this mind-map, CyberInflight has selected for you publicly available must-reads.
Stay tuned as our coming quarterly digest for Q3 will focus on the topic of cyber-regulations in civil aviation.

Note that in this mind-map some branches have been folded. The exhaustive resource will be made available soon to the readers of our quarterly digest/.

Also, a “download section” on our website will soon be available to get access to high-res resources.👍

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Session

During the first week of October 2020, CyberInflight had the opportunity to give its first Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Airline Executives during a 2-days session.

Our customer, a national carrier, operating a fleet of approximately 100 aircraft, sustained a major cyberattack some time back, and is convinced of the importance of cybersecurity awareness among its staff, and rightly so, as most of cyberattacks usually starts by the compromising of the human element.

People attending this training came from different horizons and departments (IT Department, Aviation Security Department, Flight Crew Division, Ground Service, Engineering Department, Safety and Quality Department, etc.).

Contact us if you wish to know more about this training: contact@cyberinflight.com