Quarterly Digest for Q3 is out !

Here is a snapshot of CyberInflight’s Quarterly Digest. For this edition, we have set the focus on the topic of aerospace cybersecurity regulations. Some significant steps, from IATA in particular, have been taken lately which are worth digging into.

This digest aims to help you get a broader and updated vision of the current regulatory landscape and extract the core information from this vast topic, through the use of mind-maps in particular.

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Table of Content:

I. Regulatory framework

  • ICAO’s Cybersecurity Strategy
  • ICAO’s Assembly Resolution A40-10
  • IATA’s Aviation Cyber Security Position Paper
  • IATA’s Compilation of Cyber Security Regulations, Standards, and Guidance -Takeaways on the current regulatory framework
  • Takeaways on the current regulatory framework

II. Threat Intelligence

  • Noticeable facts for Q3 2020 (1/3)(2/3))(3/3)

III. Food for thoughts

  • On the importance of quality information sharing