Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Each year, CyberInflight publishes its “Aerospace cybersecurity market intelligence report” on the trending topic of aerospace cybersecurity. The report is based on CyberInflight’s experience in both the aerospace and cybersecurity domains. It contains strategic analysis, business insights, a bird’s-eye view of the complete ecosystem and value-chain with specific focus on key aspects, company profiles, market forecast and accurate answers to the questions aerospace decision makers should keep in mind if they wish to keep their business future-proof, such as the following:

      • How can one define a cyber threat? Who are the different threat actors? How do they operate? How does a cyber threat impact the connectivity value chain?
      • Who are the main cybersecurity players and what is their strategic positioning?
      • What are the products and solutions available on the market?
      • What is the history of cyberattacks in the air industry? How has this market evolved in recent years?
      • Who are the regulatory entities? How does the regulatory environment work? What is GDPR and how does it impact, with other regulations, the air industry?
      • How much is the aerospace cybersecurity market worth? How much is being invested by air transportation players in cybersecurity?
      • How will this industry evolve in the next 5 years? What are the different growth rates that can be applied to this industry? What are the drivers and inhibitors of the market growth?

The report brings a fresh perspective on the nascent aerospace cybersecurity ecosystem. CyberInflight’s research program is based on thorough research and numerous interviews conducted with major market players, such as the following:

      • Airlines,
      • Airports,
      • In-flight connectivity providers,
      • System providers, hardware and software providers,
      • Pure cybersecurity players,
      • Industry and subject matter experts,
      • Ethical hackers,
      • and relevant players in the connectivity and cybersecurity value chain.
CyberInflight’s executive research report

CyberInflight is running an continuous interview campaign along the year in order to feed its knowledge database, to consolidate its undertanding of the market and to identify trends. CyberInflight ambitions to release top-end products which content will help aerospace and cybersecurity executives to comprehend the cybersecurity phenomenon and get the required information to make long-term decisions. The report favors the use of plain infographics in order to ease its understanding and readability.

If you are interested in the report and would like to be contacted when the report is officially released, or if you wish to participate in the interview campaign, please get in touch with us by filling out the following form.

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