Our intern Valentine Crepineau just came back from the ESA Academy Cybersecurity training course

ESA Academy has selected 30 highly motivated Bachelor and Master students to attend the Cybersecurity Training Course 2024.

In this training session, students will explore an introductory course that delves into cybersecurity threats and risks, specifically tailored to the space sector.
This will be followed by an immersion in security engineering for space systems that prioritizes cyber protection alongside operational risk management for cybersecurity.
Students will acquire hands-on experience in securing space communication systems and develop an understanding of overall cybersecurity monitoring and mitigation against threats.

Valentine learnt so many things, and had to elaborate, with her team, a fictional navigation constellation mission orbiting around planet Mars.

They ended up having the Jury’s congratulations.

Overall, students acquired hands-on experience in securing space communication systems.

A big thank you to the ESA Academy for receiving Valentine!

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