Weekly Watch

Space Cybersecurity
Weekly Watch

Space cybersecurity has recently seen a growing interest from space stakeholders triggered by major events and cyberattacks targetting the space industry. The topic is wide and can be tackled from various angles (economic, technological, regulatory, threat-intel oriented and so forth) making it complex and time-consuming to get a global understanding of this field.

In order for you to save time, CyberInflight produces a weekly watch gathering news such as articles, company’s and institution’s communications, academic works, and podcasts from all around the world on the subject of space cybersecurity.

Cyberinflight’s weekly watch is composed of an overview which allows a brief summary of the important news of the week as well as a set of sourced information distributed in 6 different categories such as :

        • Geopolitic
        • Market & Competition
        • Threat intelligence
        • Regulation
        • Training & Education
        • Technology

page de garde de la weekly watch

A limited Weekly Watch is available for download (approximately 5 relevant articles per week). Get access to the full version (approximatively 35 articles per week) through the registration address below ↓ :


Weekly Watch available for download : W7.pdf ; W6.pdf ; W5.pdf ; W4.pdf ; W3.pdf ; W2.pdf ; W1.pdf ; W51&52.pdf ; W50.pdf ; W49.pdf ; W48.pdf ; W47.pdf ; W46.pdf ; W45.pdf ; W44.pdf ; W43.pdf ; W42.pdf ;  W41.pdf W40.pdf W39.pdf ;  W38.pdf ; W37.pdf ; W36.pdf W35.pdf ; W34.pdf W33.pdf ; W32.pdf ; W31.pdf ; W30.pdf [FULL] ; W29.pdf ; W28.pdf ; W27.pdf ; W26.pdf ; W25.pdf ; W24.pdf [FULL] ; W23.pdf [FULL] ; W22.pdf [FULL] ; W21.pdf [FULL]

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